bet5365亚洲版 has built a strong reputation for providing seasoned and reliable pipe welders with a history of outstanding customer satisfaction.

Our core welding personnel are accustomed to challenging and rugged work environments, and they complete each task with safety, speed and accuracy. We empower our pipe welders to become full team members, engaging with clients and helping develop solutions throughout the course of a project. Through rigorous hiring and training standards, we maintain a core workforce of exceptionally skilled and motivated welders who are able to support our clients’ needs.


bet5365亚洲版’s welders have strong pipe welding backgrounds and a superior grasp of all welding codes and techniques

Our welders are tested per American Welding Society standards, and their experience is tracked from job to job via bet5365亚洲版’s in-house WeldTrac program. They are versatile in the use of Stick, Mig, Tig and Flux core welding techniques and can weld various components in flat, vertical, or overhead positions. Our personnel also have experience with various metallurgies, HDPE, CU, PVC and other materials. bet5365亚洲版 holds ASME U, S, R and NB stamps for the manufacture and assembly of various pressure vessels, boilers and piping.